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How to Choose the Perfect Handbag for Your Vacation

Affordable Western HandbagsIf you are planning to go on vacation this winter or spring, you want to pack as little as possible and still have everything you might need. When planning for a vacation, you need to choose your handbag carefully so that you have something appropriate for your wardrobe and versatile enough to be used in the day or evening.

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Select a handbag in a color that will work well with the clothing you want to pack. Metallic colors like gold and silver and neutral shades like cognac and tan go well with nearly any wardrobe.

If you are planning a trip to the beach and want to carry a printed handbag, make sure your wardrobe will go well with the pattern on the bag. Choose colors that will complement each other, not clash. It can be helpful to start with the handbag you want to take and plan your wardrobe around that.

Think about what activities you will be participating in on your trip and choose a handbag that will work in every situation. Make sure it will be large enough for all the items you will need to carry if you are going to the beach or sightseeing and appropriate for eating out or attending any special occasions.

You might not need a large purse for every situation. You can pack a smaller clutch inside your regular bag so you have another option if you are going out to eat or to a party. Packing a smaller bag inside a larger one will also save space when you are packing.

You can take a reversible tote bag with different colors on each side along on your vacation. This will give you twice as many handbag options. You can also purchase a base handbag and outer shells so you can easily change the look of your purse.

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