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How to Help a Handbag Keep Its Shape

Western handbagThe invention of base shapers has revolutionized the maintenance of leather handbags and is the best way to help a handbag keep its shape.

A base shaper is a plastic liner inserted in your purse that holds the base of your purse in shape. It allows you to put heavier or lumpier items in your bag without stretching the base. Even though it’s plastic, it’s sturdy at 3mm thick with rounded edges and smooth plastic that fits comfortably into purses of different sizes. Base shapers come in a variety of widths/ lengths and a few different colors.

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Base shapers are made to fit the bottom of your bag to help support it and give it a nice line no matter how much you put in it. They can also protect the bottom of your bag from spills and stains.

“I have thought for so long that someone needed to make something like a shoe tree for bags,” one woman wrote. “Just like for shoes, the most worn looking aspect of bags is usually wrinkled leather that happens from storage. Well finally someone did something about it, and I could not be happier.”

“Oh, how I love these shapers,” another woman wrote. “Amazing what a difference this has made in keeping my beautiful purses in great condition.”

Wholesale Handbags USA, a national leader in supplying retailers with the latest high fashion handbags, watches, luggage, belts and more, is pleased about the availability of base shapers, too. They can be used to protect our high quality handbags, including a full selection of Western handbags that feature leatherette material in a variety of trendy colors including purple and hot pink that can be maintained with base shapers.

Look online for a wide variety of reasonably priced base shapers that will help you take your bag from shaggy to spectacular.

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