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Popular Handbag Styles for Summer

Affordable Western HandbagsSummer is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with a new handbag or two. Many classic styles are making a comeback this season. Here are some of the top trends.

The crossbody bag is a hit this season. This style allows for more freedom of movement and comfort than other designs.

Even though many women carry their bags in their hands, shoulder bags continue to be popular and timeless. They are available in a wide array of shapes and colors.

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Classic and retro bags are in this summer. Many top designers are offering attaché bags, briefcase styles, bowler bags, and framed designs.

Bucket bags were trendy last season and continue to be. Many styles were refreshed and redesigned for this season.

Powerfully shaped geometric bags are also in vogue this season. Rectangular and square handbags are made by many popular designers.

If you don’t like to carry a large bag with everything you could possibly need every day, choose a teeny-tiny bag. These handbags are less practical but very trendy and stylish right now.

Printed bags are all the rage this season. Floral prints, patches, and embroidery; watercolor patterns; giraffe patterns; gingham; dots; stripes; checkered motifs; and more are in this summer.

Boho-chic is a popular look this season. Fringe that was popular in the 1970s is making a comeback on many summer handbags.

Even though it is not usually associated with summer, fur is still popular this season. This decorative element can create a statement-making handbag.

Why limit yourself to carrying just one stylish handbag this season? Many celebrities carry multiple bags at the same time. This style has also been seen on the runways.

These are some of the hottest handbag trends for this summer. Consider updating your wardrobe with one or more of these styles, if you haven’t already.

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