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Western Fashion Trends

western style handbagsIf you are in retail and cater to a clientele that loves western fashion, you need to be up on the current trends. Fashion can be very fickle and if you miss out on a hot item you could be out of business. At Wholesale Handbag USA we take great pride in being a first adopter of the latest styles and trends in western fashion and offer retailers great wholesale prices on western handbags, wallets, belts and much more. Here are just a few of the trends we see in western style.

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Go Big

When you think western you think Texas. Not much is done on a small level in the Lone Star State and this is seen in the fashion trend of going big. From handbags and belts to western jewelry and flat frame wallets the trend is to go big with the product and sport some heft d├ęcor. Stylish women everywhere are seeking out western style purses that feature rhinestone studs and crosses that are prominent and sparkle in a big way. Even the handbags women are carrying have grown in size with messenger bags, satchels and duffle bags that have plenty of space being seen on runways for major label designers. Of course, the big belt buckle will always be a staple of western fashion and at Wholesale Handbag USA we have no shortage of decorative western belts that will have your customers thinking big.

Mix and Match

Another trend that is defining western fashion is the push for mixing different elements of other styles. Being a purist has its perks but today's fashion icons are being bold with their selections and have no trouble mixing styles that predecessors wouldn't dare. Now it's common to see western style purses with leather jackets, Ugg boots and jade jewelry. Giving your clientele the accessories to make their own outfits is essential and at Wholesale Handbag USA we feature great wholesale items including wallets, flip flops, jewelry and designer inspired handbags.

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