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Wholesale Hats & CapsKeep any boutique shop, retail store or flea market stand well stocked with the latest in hip headwear including rhinestone studded cadet caps and an assortment of worn and faded baseball caps featuring classic beer brands. The hat and cap market has always had a niche with young men and women and now the styles of headwear are getting a little western flair.

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The traditional baseball and cadet cap style along with knit beanie caps are now featuring a wide variety of western themes and designs including rhinestone studded crosses, colt horseshoes and studded stars. Getting in on this market is a great way to move wholesale hats and caps.

Knit beanie hats have always been in style whether protecting against colder weather or just as a hip accessory. Available in traditional black, brown and grey colors knit beanie caps are now available with classic western designs including rhinestone studded peace signs, crosses and scripted 'Cowgirl' lettering. The hard core and rugged look of the beanie cap has been worn by stars in hip hop, bikers and athletes giving the fresh style a wide appeal.

Bohemian in its look and casual in its approach the cadet style cap is a very popular hat style that has survived centuries for its simplicity and comfort. Updating the traditional cadet style cap with classic western decor and ornaments creates a modern headwear piece that is practical and fashionable. Keeping up with modern trends these western themes are often placed angularly on the hat and now feature a wide variety of rhinestone stud designs including bull horns, stars, crosses, pistols and skull and cross bone designs.

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