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Wholesale JewelryOne of the most popular accessories for women's fashion is jewelry. Whether the look is formal or casual, jewelry will go a long way in enhancing and completing many outfits. At Wholesale Handbag USA we offer retailers a wide selection of wholesale jewelry including rhinestone bracelets, cord necklaces and magnetic pendants to stock shelves and keep jewelry cases shining with the latest in costume and fashion jewelry. Savvy, fashion-conscious women are always looking out for alluring and creative jewelry pieces to accessorize outfits and the more selection you offer as a retail owner the better chances for retaining customer loyalty.

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At Wholesale Handbag USA we carry an amazing selection of western theme wholesale jewelry to add unique color and flair to your ensemble. From chunky turquoise gemstone rock necklaces and rhinestone studded wrist bands and bracelets to classic western leather cords and an array of cross pendants our wholesale jewelry collection is full of showy and subtle trinkets that will compliment a wide variety of traditional and contemporary outfits. When you buy wholesale jewelry in bulk you save a lot of money and have an item in stock that will move pretty quickly. Jewelry, especially western theme jewelry, is very popular right now among young and mature women and if you want to keep customers coming back for more give them plenty of jewelry options to choose from.

One of our more popular jewelry items are cross pendants. Versatile and attractive, our wholesale western jewelry pendants can be added to blouses, tops, caps, handbags and other fashion apparel and accessories to create a unique western look that it not over the top but still retains the pride and color of the classic American west. You'll find a great selection of cross pendants in our wholesale collection including turquoise gemstones, horseshoe and bull horn adornments and pendants with cow print and zebra print backgrounds.

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